About Nora 

Hello, Marhaba, et Salut! I’m Nora Al-Aati, a proud Kuwaiti woman and an aspiring leader, archaeologist, and enlightened human who is interested in learning about everything I don’t currently know. Knowledge and education is something I value because it opens my mind and eyes to various aspects about the world. With knowledge comes awareness, which is something I would like to spread through my interactions with people in my lifetime. 


Growing up bilingual (speaking Arabic and English, and presently French) and bicultural (Kuwaiti and American) sprouted an interest in human practices and behavior. I like to believe that this is one of the reasons why I chose to major in Anthropology; to help me understand the practices, rules, and developments that humans have made throughout history to the present. I find it somewhat sad when people do not know what my major is because I believe that anthropology is an essential part of understanding ourselves and the environment we live in. My profound interest in humans prompted the idea to co-create a space where people can read and educate themselves on international issues on a personal level. Through stories of other humans on this platform, I hope one could understand the complexity and diverse experiences of humanity. We tend to consistently focus on how different we are from one another when in reality, we are very much alike. Thinking about differences in terms of religion or culture is dangerous because it may come with hatred or negative stereotypes that break our global community apart rather than keep it bonded together through understanding and acceptance. 


I hope I can bring some level of appreciation and understanding towards the beautiful nature of our diverse world, with its human inhabitants and their creations. With this being said, We See You and your experiences, stories, and perspectives. We want to represent those who are not being represented within this golden era of social media. On this platform, we are nothing but transparent to our humanness. 


Ooo, also, some of my hobbies include dance (hip hop and salsa), playing the piano, weight lifting, video production, and singing while I pretend I’m on Glee.