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About Katty 

Hi, I'm Katty Yañez. I'm a young Peruvian woman who is very interested in the diverse cultures around the world. I am passionate about my studies in economics and international business but I am not only looking to grow in these fields, I have the desire to expand my horizon to all the possibilities this world may offer.  Another one of my interests that I've developed is the protection of natural resources and the environment. My passion for the environment has laid the foundation for my academics, in my quest for a better world.  


I am a person who values and admires the effort and experiences of other people, this is my motivation in joining the We See You team. My experience abroad in Brazil has granted me the opportunities to learn portuges, make new friends and learn about a culture different from my own. I am fortunate and fascinated at the opportunity to be able to read and translate pieces from the various perspectives, thoughts and feelings in our global world. 


This magazine is a way to learn how the world is according to each one's point of view and the statements that each person makes about their own reality.