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“¿De qué otra manera podríamos ser?”

( “How else could we be?” )

"Antoiné y Anaïs se arreglan su cabello en un gesto que parece cotidiano, sin embargo, se trata de un símbolo de empoderación. Desde contextos distantes (Estados Unidos y Francia), su actuar está ligado por sus formas de apropiarse de su feminidad..." 

"Antoiné and Anaïs fix their hair in a gesture that seems to be an everyday occurrence, yet it is a symbol of empowerment. From distant contexts (the United States and France), their actions are linked by their ways of defining their femininity..."


"In this series of photos, it is my hope to encapsulate my experiences this summer 2020. Being that I can only speak for myself, I can say that this summer has been like no other. From Nationwide protests in the US to a global pandemic and having graduated college just over a year ago, to being laid off from my job of two years because of COVID-19..."

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