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The Mission

We want to magnify the realities of living through different identities and societies in this diverse world so people know that they exist. We will continue to fight against stereotypes and misinformation which drive the hate we have for certain groups, to enlighten a new path for this generation and the next. 

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Black Identity Is..

"The key thing I learned is that our identity is fragile if we give it to others to hold because we cannot control how we will be perceived."

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To Study Outside My Country or Not?

"At first, it can be a little scary facing an unknown world, you have to be prepared for what comes and adapt to totally different customs and traditions." 

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The Same, but Still Different 

"I was the same. But different. 

It doesn’t make sense, does it? 

I was the same in the sense I was also Kuwaiti. But I was different because I was also half Filipino."

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"Are you sure you're Arab?"

You can be pale and Arab just like how you could be black/brown/white/mixed and still be a certain nationality. This is the beauty of humanity. We all come in different shapes, colors and forms."



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